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currently in Hudson, NY

About Me

My love of photography started when I found an old camera in our basement.  I learned black and white processing and soon enrolled in several other art classes with my favorites being print-making and collage. My art teacher, Constance Dodge, was my hero. Her talent and coaching brought my work to another level. She introduced social consciousness and self-discovery to the classroom in a way that was unlike anyone else I had met in my small town. It was then that I realized I wanted art to be part of my life and work. 

My love for makeup and transformation started very young. I can remember Halloween as young as six years old; I was a clown. When we were a bit older, my mother would pull out her makeup box and let us create. I remember trying to convince my sisters to let me use watercolors to paint their faces, and every once in a while, they would allow it. 

I studied the Fashion Institute of Technology. I was always more interested in the painted faces of mannequins than the actual design of the window. It was the early nineties and the club scene in New York was extremely colorful (to say the least)! I found myself experimenting more and more with makeup, heading out to the Pyramid, Disco 2000 at Limelight and Edelweiss. 

I found myself working in a display studio, spending more time in the clubs than at work. I was buying makeup at M·A·C Cosmetics, a small boutique on the corner of Christopher and Gay St. I started to talk to the artists there who encouraged me to apply as a Makeup Artist. I was hired a few weeks later and now work as the Executive Director of Pro Marketing.

I continue experimenting with my own art including photography, Makeup and screen-printing, always trying to develop myself further as an Artist. I’ve self-published a book of images and have had two independent shows.  I continue to create art in both New York City and in my studio in Ancram, New York.

I'm now a bit obsessed with Cyanotype and Platinum printing and continue to seek individuals who are interested in posing, dressing up and creating things!



New York, NY

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